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Drapery is a part of the window fashions industry that has come and gone…and come back again. The first thing that people often say when they are looking at re-doing their home is, “that reminds me of my grandmother’s house”. If you want to have drapery that looks like your grandmother’s house, then go to the same department store that she did! If you want current design, and stylish treatments, go to a professional drapery designer.
Here is what a professional will help you to do. First they will consider your functional needs. Are you looking for insulation? Are you looking for room-darkening? Are you trying to frame a view? Would you like to create a statement in that room? There are so many questions that they will try to ascertain in order to help you find the solution to whatever problem you face.
To deal with just one of these issues, let’s discuss what people in my region, (Northern Nevada, Reno and Lake Tahoe) are looking for. Due to the high cost of energy, and the high priority placed on “green technologies”, many people are looking to get a high insulative value from their drapery. Many are choosing slightly thicker fabrics and insulating linings to provide their needs. If you imagine a drapery over a window or door, you can visualize that the majority of the energy loss is at the gap between the panels, or at the sides, but especially at the top of the drapery. For this reason, certain steps need to be taken to minimize heat exchange. For example, magnetic strips can be inserted in the leading edge of the drapery panels to create an airtight alignment. Also, many people choose to place a top treatment over the top of the drapery rod. This treatment, if done properly will trap a great deal of escaping air, aiding the insulation process.
In this geographic area, especially in the high altitude regions, like Lake Tahoe and Truckee, the UV light is some of the most extreme in the world. As a result, the fading of your expensive silk fabrics or the like can be a very serious consequence of this intense force of nature. Therefore, a professional designer will want to discuss with you the longevity of fabrics under these conditions. There are precautions that can be taken that will preserve your investment.
The style that is available in drapery these days definitely reflects the styles that are current in the world of fashion. It is interesting though that “retro” styles are in for high-fashion clients. They tend to favor the ultra modern and contempory client. It is interesting to note than when economic trends are down, the world of drapery design tends to reflect that same mood. People want to be surrounded by styles that make them feel secure and comfortable. We are seeing simpler styles exploding on the market. The nice thing about simple is that it doesn’t mean that you have to lack luxury. The right choice of fabrics can bring out your mood perfectly.
There is a fine line between functional accommodation and designer style. This is why it is good to have someone you trust help you to make these important decisions when it comes to drapery design.

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