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Years ago, people would order solid fabric draperies for their entire house’s window coverings. Since the advent of different types of blinds, shades and shutters, few are prone to order draperies for their whole house. Drapes have taken on a very different feel for today’s homes. So, even though people aren’t doing drapery everywhere, they are doing them in specific locations in the home to create a feel.

Big Pattern Draperies

Can you use a big pattern to highlight your room?

Big patterns are in! Since customers are being selective about what rooms they are putting them in, they are tending to go BIG on the style quotient. Most people are ignoring the energy efficiency capabilities or the room darkening characteristics in lieu of the design aspect of the drapes. Therefore, the fabrics that are chosen tend to be ones that really coordinate the room that they are placed in.







Comfort is the key! With the hectic and nerve-wreaking world we live in, clients are using soft and soothing fabrics to get a calming influence from their draperies. Draperies can not only provide a calming look, but they literally can calm a room in terms of lighting, sound absorbtion and mood. Choosing an appropriate material makes a big difference in this factor.

Soothing Draperies

Solid fabrics can be soothing











Use enough fabric! The biggest mistake I see as a drapery designer is some people not using enough fabric for their drapery treatments. Having a flat panel of fabric is an appropriate style, but if you are going for a semi-traditional look for your drapes, you must use sufficient fabric. A good designer will be encouraging you to add more fullness to your draperies for a more luxurious look.

Fullness of drapery

Fullness is a term used to describe how much fabric is flowing within the width of your drapery

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