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So much of what is done in top treatments or valances is about creating illusions. Sometimes it is about creating height above the window, sometimes it’s about creating shapes where there are none and sometimes it’s the illusion of creating a feeling. The feeling that we created with this top treatment was that of relaxed luxury. If you look at the photo, you will notice that the valance looks like one piece of fabric was carefully placed and wrapped over and around the swagholders, like what is called a scarf swag. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Much time was spent in the workroom fabricating the minute details of this top treatment. If you tried to make a piece of fabric have this level of detail, it would be next to impossible. Especially is this so because there were two identical valances done in rooms right next to each other. So, if I had tried to make identical valances out of a rectangular piece of fabric, I might still be there trying to get it as perfect as it came out. One advantage of building it the way we did is that they can have these valances cleaned without losing the shape after cleaning, they will always look EXACTLY like this, no matter how they are handled.

If you examine the photo to the left, you will see some of the detail on this window treatment. For example, you see two fabrics, but there is more than meets the eye. The “rust” fabric you see is on the whole valance, but the “face” or front of the treatment is also covered in an embroidered sheer material, creating a truly unique fabric. Again, we see how illusion is such a big part of drapery treatments. Another thing to notice is how the cascade has such a free-flowing movement to it. Again, illusion! Notice how the edge of the material has been carefully cut to provide the shape of effortless flow. If we had not created this shape on the cascade, the effect would be much more angular.

There is a downside to illusion as well. It is simply this; many retailers, especially the box-store type, package “scarf swags” and “pole swags” as “out of the box perfect” window treatments, but nothing is farther from the truth. To create the looks on their packaging will take a very long time or the talent of a professional. The treatment shown in this blog took many hours to design, manufacture and install. We only made it “look” easy. To find the right illusion for your windows, contact a professional.

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