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Recently I was doing some research for a client who has a oceanfront home. They are very concerned about the durability of products in the salt air. The product that I am recommending to them is the painted Alumatek aluminum shutter. Aluminum shutters are a new option for our company, but based on what we’ve researched, they seem to be a good solution for many problems.

Aside from their durability to corrosion, there are some other advantages that we like about them. The biggest one is a design issue. Most wood or vinyl shutters have a limit of about 36″ per panel. There are some companies that offer larger panels by using gluelam louvers, but even these have limits that are much smaller than the 72″ limit of the aluminum shutters. Just imagine some of those really wide windows that you would prefer not to have obstructions on. These shutters are a perfect solution for that.

Another reason that wider shutter panels can be an issue is because of sagging panels. When panels get big and heavy, it is common for them to sag. Some of the blame can be placed on the hinge, but often the issue is the material used. Vinyl shutters are notoriously flexible and therefore the most apt to sag. I was asked to look at a set of vinyl shutters this weekend that were on a window that was about 8 feet wide. There were 4 panels of about 24″ each and when they bi-folded off the window, they sagged substantially, causing the user to have to literally lift the panels to put them back on the sill. With good hinges and the structural integrity of the aluminum shutters, this problem is not eliminated, but it is greatly improved.

One last thing that can’t be duplicated is the finish. With so many designers and decorators choosing stainless steel and other metal finishes, the brushed aluminum and champagne finishes are truly gorgeous and a great complement to the rest of the design scheme in many homes.

As a caveat, be aware that those these are aluminum, there are some special steps that can be taken to make these shutters are weather resistant. Make sure you discuss these points with a professional to avoid a costly mistake.

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