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The New Product- Silhouette Halo

Hunter Douglas has created the Silhouette Shades for decades, but the Halo is a new version that you should check out.  We shot this video recently so you can see how the Hunter Douglas Silhouette Halo works. I made the choice to shoot this video based on more than just an overview. I ran through the entire process. From opening the box to doing the programming using the Hunter Douglas PowerView app.

The Silhouette Halo is a very nice product. In my experience, I found the Silhouette to have some flaws and the Halo version helps overcome some of those issues. One of the big issues that have an impact in the Reno and Lake Tahoe areas has to do with “light-control”. The standard version of the Silhouette has a fully open layout that allows a lot of sunlight to enter directly into the room. The Silhouette Halo version “over-rotates”. This means that the louvers rotate to the point of blocking the sun’s projection into your room.

Extra Halo Details

Halo Slats

Here are some details that we didn’t discuss in the video. One of them has to do with the fabric layout of the Silhouette Halo. Whereas the standard Silhouette has one vane that has a slight S-curve, the Halo has a double slatted version. This is done so that when you “over-rotate” the shade, the color that you see is the same on both sides. So, be alert, that if you choose a bolder color, the look from the outside will match the inside cover. As a result, you need to be careful that your home is ready to add warmth to the exterior of your window shades.

The Bottom of the Halo Shade

Another factor that is important to understand is that when you may have a standard Silhouette shade, the bottom rail is very different. Whereas the Silhouette that is NOT the Halo has a bottom rail that is the very bottom of the shade, the Silhouette Halo has a bottom rail that is basically not visible. In fact, what you see when you place the shade in the fully privacy or “closed” position, the Halo has a fabric slat at the bottom instead of a bottom rail. I’m only telling you this so that you are fully aware of what to expect if you get this product.

DuoLite vs. Standard Silhouette Halo

Silhouette Halo with DuoLite

DuoLite is a version that Hunter Douglas offers with various products so that people can have “light-filtering” and “room darkening” fabrics in one fantastic window covering. In the video I show it in action. Most people choose the DuoLite version for bedrooms or media centers. Just be aware that it is a great option for “hybrid” shades.

We will go over all the details when we work with you. Please let us know if we can assist with your project.

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