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Nantucket Shades for 2022

In what is called “window shadings” in this industry, the Nantucket Window Shadings by Hunter Douglas are a great choice. Yes, the Silhouette Shades are the “premium” product with this type of configuration, but the Nantucket shades are perfect for some people. Let’s break it down.

The origins of the Nantucket Window Shadings go back a couple of decades. Why did Hunter Douglas decide to make a second product that is so similar to the Silhouette Window Shadings? Follow the money. The Silhouette shades had been on the market for quite a while and had been the greatest product for people who wanted a shade that can do anything. But, as you are probably aware, when patents are running out, lots of competitors start inundating the markets to try to grab a market share of great products. Think about generic pharmaceuticals as a good example.

The Silhouette has always been at the cutting edge of new design. It started that way and it still is. The Nantucket Window Shadings were created to compete against competitors that were now making a similar product at a lower cost. So, the bottom line is that the Nantuckets are not providing the latest and greatest in technology and fabrics, but they are part of what we call the “Value Line” of products.

Hunter Douglas Nantucket Window Shadings with A Deux LIning

Some of the Nantucket Options and Features

If you look at the photo on the side, you will see the Nantucket shades in a very practical solution. You will notice how the lower portion is a sheer, but the top portion has a blackout lining for room darkening control. This is only available in the “A Deux” version. This means that you have the option of 3 different features.

  • Sheer View to the Outside
  • Light Filtering for Privacy
  • Room Darkening Liner for Light Control

A Deux Nantucket

You can see the picture of the headrail and two separate shades attached here. I love this feature as it gives people so many options in one window treatment. Please be aware that the height of this headrail is much larger than the standard headrail. So, please make sure it the right choice for you.

Another feature of this product is that there are two motorization choices available. Hunter Douglas just released the newest version of the PowerView collection. It is Gen 3. It has great features and I will be addressing them in the near future. They also have a system called SoftTouch. It is a wand based motor system that is simple and effective. It does not connect to the PowerView app, so again, be sure it the right choice for you.

My clients tend to choose the Silhouette line instead of the Nantucket Window Shadings line. I think that is because they like some of the new options that only go the the “Premium Line” versus the “Value Line”. Either way, they are both very good operating systems that look fantastic. We look forward to helping you make the right choice. Thanks for reading our blog.

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