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Home automation, powered window coverings, automated blinds, motorized shades- I’ve heard all of these terms when people want their home to have powered window fashions. These products are amazing and they are a perfect choice for homes who have automation features. The reason for this blog is to reach out to builders, architects and other design professionals. The issue that I see regularly, due to convenience, is that project managers want one company to handle all of the automation systems, but in doing so, they sacrifice a large component: Style! The reason for this is that as a rule, automation professionals are great at the technical side of things. They are proficient at the wiring and the programming and user interfacing. Where they typically lack is in window fashions expertise. A comparison of two large players in the market will show the difference. On one side we have Lutron and on the other, Hunter Douglas. Lutron is an amazing controls company who added window coverings to their offerings. They are good products. Simple, functional and efficient. Hunter Douglas is a window fashions company who has the best in stylish, consumer friendly products. They purchased a large controls company in order to make sure that their very desirable products could be placed in consumers’ homes with automation.

Offered with full automated features

Hunter Douglas Silhouette A Deux layered shading

Advantage depends on what your needs are. If you want simplicity that borders on plainness, then choose Lutron. If you feel that you want more style, function or uniqueness, choose Hunter Douglas. I will say this; Hunter Douglas can integrate seamlessly with ANY COMPANY’S home automation. So, often the best choice is a combination of Hunter Douglas products with a secondary company’s control system. The main reason that the consumers don’t hear about this option is because Hunter Douglas Motorization requires specialty training which most home wiring, home automation specialists and electrical contractors don’t have. So, homeowners that want the best of both worlds should contact a window fashions expert in your area to discuss what choices are best for YOU and not for your builder. And those builders, architects and design professionals should partner with a window fashions expert who offers their clients better options.

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