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One of the most interesting changes in modern shadings is the advent of child safety systems. As you watch the video, notice the cordless mechanism. No longer are there any cords to pull on to raise and lower the shades.

Natural Material Woven Shades provide a clean look.

Natural Material Woven Shades provide a clean look.

You will also notice how much cleaner this product is visually. It seems like design has gone two different ways recently. Either with very simple and clean lines or over the top accentuations of frills and glamour. Think of accessories as a visual of the latter. Whether trims or bling or statement type fabrics, if you aren’t going for simple, the option is BIG. This all fits into the social framework of where we find ourselves these days. Never before in my lifetime have I seen peoples’ need to stand out from the norm. I think that as society tries to place us in an envelope, many people see their homes, clothing and cars as a way to be different. Well, that’s my opinion.

For this job, the owner wanted a more soothing palate for her bedroom. She works hard in the “real world” and wanted comfort when she is home to relax. So, here we see the opposite end of the spectrum.

A good window fashions expert can help you to figure out which way to go in your design dreams.

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