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The last thing that I will address from the Hunter Douglas 2009 Premiers event is the “greening” of the window coverings industry. It seems as if everyone is trying to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon and Hunter Douglas is no exception. We all want to do our best to be environmentally friendly, but I believe Hunter Douglas is taking additional steps to be more “green”. I give them huge props for taking the initiative to combat a major flaw in other company’s claims of what being “green” really means.

For example, if I have a sustainable product that emits no toxins, is completely recyclable and in every way fulfills the “green” theme, BUT, is manufactured in a manner that burns huge amounts of energy, wouldn’t we say that the product is kind of a “celery green” and not the true dark green we hope for?

Hunter Douglas West, which was the exhibitor of the Premiers show, is one of many Hunter Douglas manufacturers throughout the country. However, their Plant Manager informed me that they are taking steps to create a lower carbon footprint by investing in alternative sources of power for their plants in Northern California. So when we take into consideration that their products have some of the highest R-value ratings in the industry, and we partner that with the fact that they are taking the energy bull by the horns, we see a company that is leading the charge into a “brave green world”. For specifics on how energy efficient the actual window coverings can be, consult your local Hunter Douglas expert who can provide that information to you.

There’s one caveat, however: Doing things the “right” way often comes at a price. There will always be consumers who will want to go green, but when faced with the difference in price, will find that the pocketbook trumps the cause. Sounds like life, doesn’t it?

So, there are just a few of my observations of the “Premiers” exhibition. Bottom line is this: There is a whole lot to know, and be educated about in the world of window fashions. As I previously mentioned, it would be a good idea to work with someone who truly understands all aspects of the window covering and design world. They will be able to guide you to making the best decisions for your individual needs.

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