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Slider Door Drapery Discussion

If you are looking to do slider door curtains, you might want to read this blog and watch the attached video. Based on the amount of calls we get looking for assistance in covering peoples’ patio doors, this is a needed bit of information.

Split Draw and One-Way Draw Curtains

At Kempler Design, we think outside of the box. So, when you watch this video you will see some things that you may never have seen before with slider door curtains.

Custom Curtain Rod

Even though the drapery fabric is the most visible aspect of these slider door curtains, the rod is the most critical to the function of the window treatment. As you noticed in the video, we discussed some details of what kind of rods you should use. Let’s re-cap those details:

  • Diameter of Rod- The rod needs to be thick enough to withstand the gravity of the weight of the fabric over long periods of time. A rod that is too thin will sag badly without a center bracket. As you may have noticed, these patio door curtains are very unique in the way that they function and a center bracket for the rod would have been very disruptive.
  • One Piece Rod- The ready-made drapery world is full of telescoping rods, which are adjustable in width. But when you are traversing the draperies across a telescoping rod, eventually you will have issues. This is because the rings or fabric get caught up on the ridge of the larger part of the tube when products are pulled across it.
  • Fabric Weight- Had we used an upholstery weight fabric, like a chenille or heavy woven fabric, the weight would have been heavier. As such, we would have had to take even higher precautions to avoid sagging.

Unique Stacking For Sliding Door Drapes

Unique Patio Door Curtains

These slider door curtains have completely different stacking than the typical drapery on a patio door. When you watch the video, you will see how it stacks to the far left AND to both sides as a split draw. There is a great deal of thought that goes into design like this, but it leads to you being very happy with both the look and the way these curtains will work for you.

This was a brief discussion on curtains for sliders, but when you contact us, we will look at your specific circumstances and help you make the best choices.

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