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Crystal Finial

” /> Crystal Finial

So, here I was tonight trying to figure out what to write about this week. I clicked on Spotify to enjoy my workout playlist, which helps my mind get active, and the shuffle feature brought up The Crystal Method, Busy Child. At the same time as I looked through photos of my work, I happened upon the above picture. OK, it happens to be of a beautiful drapery rod with a crystal finial. Would I have picked it without the musical inspiration? Who knows, and it will remain a question for all time, but in the meantime, we get to see a really great addition to a room treatment.

Crystal Chandelier

” /> Crystal Chandelier

There are so many choices when it comes to drapery rods and finials. I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect combination of size of rod, finish of rod/rings/brackets and finials, as well as some intangibles that become obvious as the client and I work on the project. On this drapery treatments, we used drapery rods from IronArt by Orion. We chose from the Italian Collection, which is all modern metal finishes, but the chandelier called out for a complementary finish. The brushed nickel finish on the rods and rings work really well with the Bavarian Crystal finials. If you look closely at the fabric used, it has a bit of a metallic thread running through it as well, adding to the overall window treatment. My personal take on almost everything design is to take a bit of a chance on your choices. Something drew you to it in the first place, so if your only drawback is that you aren’t sure about your choice, then go for it! If you hire a good consultant, they should encourage you to make a good, if a bit scary, choice. Years down the road, when you are looking at your selections, you will be happy you went with the exciting one.

So, to close this out, the song, “Life From a Window” by The Jam is playing. How fitting.

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