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When choosing drapery rods, you have to choose ones that will stand up to the rigors of day to day abuse. Especially in vacation rental situations, like so many of our clients is this true. We recently replaced existing “heavy duty” Kirsch rods with a truly heavy duty drapery rod. This rod was not a telescoping rod, like the ones you’d get in a hardware box store. These are a one piece rod with ball-bearing carriers. The weight is easily carried by this type of carrier. This particular rod is a standard type, meaning that it is not terribly attractive, but this type of drapery rod can be mounted to a fascia of wood or metal to create a custom decorative drapery rod.

Telescoping drapery rods have their place, but if you actually moving your draperies, then you want to consider upgrading to a heavy duty one-piece drapery rod. The difference in price is substantial, but the ease of use and durability of the rod will usually justify the price.

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