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If you’ve looked through a catalog of drapery rods and finials, you’ve seen how difficult it can be to select the perfect finial for your project. One of the companies that we use is Orion Drapery Hardware. You can see their offerings by clicking the link above. They have a huge assortment of styles and colors to choose from. In the linked video attached to this blog, you will see something from their tropical collection.

The thing that is most surprising about these finials is their size. The technical data tells us that the height on these finials is 9″. If you just heard that number, you might reject the product without giving it a shot. But, watch the video and see how well this size works for this drapery.

I mentioned in the video how the widths of fabric help balance the size of the finials. This means that you need enough “weight” in the fabric to hold up to the scale of the drapery rods. Because we used a lot of fabric below the finials AND the fabric was not lightweight, but instead is substantial, the balance or symmetry of the treatment was perfect for this client. Also, adding puddling, the fabric spreading gently on the ground, we were able to create more width at the bottom of the drapery panels to mimic the width at the top.

I’ve done finials of very small and very large scale and there is no right and wrong. Every job requires its own treatment to be well thought out.

Bamboo Drapery Rods

Bamboo Drapery Rods

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