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Drapes soften hard edges

Drapes soften hard edges

Many decades ago draperies were very popular. People chose them because all they needed were basic rods and a sewing machine and they had custom draperies. There was a big difference between what most people had in their homes versus what the seemingly elite had created for their homes. Baubles, trims, bandings, other accessories and choices in fabrics flaunted luxury and wealth.

Today, as you can see from the photo, even though the clients have a beautiful home in an idyllic setting, the fabric and style that was chosen is understated. Sure, they wanted to complement their decor, but this treatment is not only attractive, but also very functional. Draperies can soften the edges of the windows, which have a natural, but hard finish with the wood trim in this residence. They also provide excellent insulation, as the lined fabric creates a barrier to the outside world, which in a mountain home can make a big difference in living comfortably. They also provide fantastic privacy from prying eyes in a highly traveled area.

In terms of style, many people are choosing this simple style of straight panels without much embellishment. The drapery rods are clean and functional and they traverse using rings. There is still a place for luxurious drapery treatments, though in a vacation home the tendency is to create function and comfort. The mood of the country also factors in to the equation. For example, people are tending to simplify their lives currently and this is reflected in the design of their draperies. When the economy is rewarding adventure and risk taking, drapery design tends to reflect that same feeling with more extravagant window treatments.

Regardless of your style or the look or feel that you wish to create in your space, drapes can often be a solution that is worth considering.

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