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If You Have Huge Angle Top Windows, Watch This

This video shows you a huge angle top window that has a motorized cellular shade installed on it. They work very well and give the client the light control, insulation and varying views that they crave. In this video, I show a lot of extra details to explain how this product works. In the end, I hope that you will end up getting your specialty shaped window coverings through us at Kempler Design.

Some Details of this Product For Huge Angle Top Window Coverings

1. The motors are Hunter Douglas PowerView

2. It requires that it be mounted INSIDE the frame of the window and that the depth be a minimum of 2 1/2”

3. Various fabrics CAN be used, but we typically use the Hunter Douglas Duette fabrics. As an additional bit of information, the Applause line can be used as well, but only for light-filtering fabrics. The Architella line of the Duette fabrics has an additional internal pleat which allows for more architectural adaptation and engineering of the fabric for custom cutting to work on angled window coverings.

4. The window coverings come with a standard valance, which is not shown in this video. This client is having the contractor finish off the trim to match all of the other wood trims in the house. It will give it a very sleek look that will blend right in. But for most of our clients, they choose either a 5” or a 7” valance which is cut to fit the angles and is matched in color to the bottom rail color.

5. The pricing for this product is as premium as the product is. I don’t discuss pricing in my blogs, but you can contact us for pricing by reaching out to us via our website or clicking on the contact us section of this website. Just anticipate the concept of purchasing a elegant car versus a basic one.

6. In doing these huge angle top windows and small ones too for the last few years, I have never had a client regret purchasing them.

When Ordering This Product

Huge Angle Top Window Coverings

Let me wrap up by making the ordering and measuring information very clear. You will be ordering the products through us at Kempler Design, but you have some options to consider. We will be letting you see various fabrics so you can select the perfect one. If you live a long way from us, then the issue of measuring and installing your shades has various options.


You can measure the windows yourself. We can get you an authorized installer to do the measurements for you or you can hire a handyman that you trust to get the technical measurements for you.


As above, you can do it yourself, which I don’t recommend. You can hire a craftsman or handyman to do the installation. I have available to me a list of official installers in your area and I can find a qualified technician to do the work for you. Or, and this one is very dependent, I can come and do the installation for you. There are a few factors involved. One, if it is a larger project, it makes more sense. Two, the costs are typically higher because of the travel costs. Three, if you are in a beautiful location, I am more interested in coming so I can be in a beautiful part of the world and treat it as a vacation.

If you would like to get this product, please let me know. Thanks for reading and watching this B/Vlog.

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