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Custom Window Treatments for Your Reno Home

Part of designing custom window treatments for my Reno clients is helping them to accomplish their design goals, not mine. Take this photo for example. I had a client who was into history. They had a vision in their mind about finding a fabric that had women holding Grecian urns. At the time, which was back in the mid-nineties, I was unable to find anything like that, so we needed to come up with an alternative. Most window coverings people would have said, “Sorry, I don’t have it.” That is not how we work though. We love challenges. My solution is what you see in the picture. We set up a projector on the 2″ vertical blinds with an image of what he wanted and then I secured the vertical blinds in place, while a local artist created the outline on the vinyl surface of the blinds. This was completely custom and unique. While I would not have chosen this type of a look, the client was very happy and it satisfied their window treatment needs.

… And we do mean custom

Grecian Urn Vertical Blinds

Grecian Urn Vertical Blinds

I’ve done all kinds of very unique treatments: I’ve done a doggie door on a shutter panel. I’ve done window coverings over walls, without even having a window on them. I’ve done waterproof draperies for RV showers. I’ve done some window treatments that the clients just loved that I tried to talk them out of…unsuccessfully. I found some old photos that I don’t have the courage to post of stuff that is so gaudy, but it was what they wanted. The point is that a good designer tries to help you make your dreams come true. If you want a princess room, I can do it. If you want a Jules Verne themed 20000 leagues under the sea room, I got you. If you want a 50 shades of grey sex dungeon, I may not be able to help you…but I’d try.

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