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Childproof safety servicesAbove all else, even above aesthetics and functionality, your children’s safety should be the most important consideration in your home-improvement projects. And the same is certainly true when you consider your new window coverings.

So, as you shop around for new window coverings for your Reno home, you need to keep a couple of important features in mind with regard to your children’s safety. When buying new window coverings, it’s imperative that you don’t settle for anything that doesn’t sport the following features:

Cordless Window Coverings

Your windows’ most life-threatening feature to your children is the cord. Cords can wrap around little ones’ necks, leading to serious injury and even death. So, to remove this threat to your brood, you simply need to remove the cord itself.

And you’ll be happy to know that there are many great window-covering options that are designed to be cordless. So, if you want to keep your Reno home looking its best while keeping your children as safe as possible, be sure to go cordless with your new window coverings.

Use Coverings Made after 2001

Okay, so maybe when you’re shopping for new window coverings, something made almost 20 years ago won’t be near the top of your list of options. But it bears bringing up for those of you who are content with the coverings you’ve had since around the Clinton administration:

Older window coverings are not designed with safety in mind. Their materials, their cords, and many other features of theirs are very unsafe for little ones. Only after 2001 did manufacturers start taking childproofing into consideration, so if your window coverings were made before them, you need to get them replaced with something newer and safer.

Have Your Window Coverings Installed by a Professional

Lastly, to ensure that your window coverings are as safe and secure as can be, you need to have them installed by an experienced and dependable pro. And here in the Reno area, that pro should be Kempler Design.

Our dedicated team will provide top-quality window-covering installations, ensuring that you will enjoy the safest home possible for your young ones. Don’t take your children’s safety into your own hands. Let the experienced pros handle the work needed to keep them as safe as possible.

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