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How Products Are Changing in 2023

Please be aware that the timing of your choices matter. Whereas these days you can order many different types of 2023 window coverings in the United States, keep in mind that these things are changing. I shot this video so you can get an idea of one of these changes. It is about Top Down / Bottom Up Shades. They are also written often as TD/BU. These have been very popular for quite a while. So, if they go away, some people will be very disappointed. So, check out this video to see the way I present this information.

Why Is This Happening?

CPSC Photo of Potential Danger of Cords

There are regulators who are trying to provide adjustments to the types of window coverings that are on the market these days. They feel that the way that shades and blinds are manufactured can cause danger to young children and pets. So, they have presented their ideas to national organizations that can restrict what is manufactured in the future. If these mandates become actual law, then we can expect to lose some of the products that people have come to love.

In the video, I mentioned Top Down / Bottom Up shades, but really almost all cords are going to be eliminated. The window coverings industry is pretty good at being creative, so they will continue to make adjustments to their products in order to provide safety and also better working technology. But keep this in mind that the WCMA, (Window Coverings Manufacturers Association) is suing the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) because they feel like they are creating regulations that are not reasonable.

Here is a link to explain it in technical terms:

How Does This Affect You?

The things behind the scenes will not be visible, but what is going to be available in 2023 Window Covering Stores and when businesses like Kempler Design come to you is going to probably change. The key here is not to tell you what to purchase, but to offer two major points.

  1. Work with a professional that really understands these things and can guide you comfortably through the purchasing process.
  2. If you are trying to decide whether to do certain window treatments soon or whether to put it off until the future, know that some of your choices may be gone when you decide to move forward.

The simple way to remember what is possibly coming is to reflect on “cords”. If you can see cords at all, you might not be able to do that style in the near future. There will be new and maybe better ways to operate them in the future, but you should be aware of what is coming for 2023 Window Coverings so you can make the best choices.

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