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Horizontal blinds are rarely recommended for slider doors, but when need necessitates it, you can consider this option.

2 on 1 Wood Blinds over Slider

Norman Window Fashions Normandy Wood Blinds are a viable option for large openings.

I don’t suggest wood blinds over sliders because of these reasons:

  • They are stupid heavy
  • You have to raise the blind all the way up to use the door
  • The stack at the top of the window can be over a foot thick

My solution to the above only dealt with one of the above, but it was the best way to go for this client. As a quick side note, we are only dealing with real wood blinds in this posting. The ever popular vinyl blinds are even more stupiderer heavy and have other issues that we will deal with at another time.

When I was called in to this job, it was to replace some old wood blinds that had been there for a couple of decades. The tilt mechanisms had broken and a few of the slats were broken as well. Design-wise, I was limited by the existence of all the other wood blinds in the residence. I was also limited a bit by the homeowner who nicely informed me that she was only interested in replacing the blinds with a like product. So, when given these requirements, my job became finding the best solution to this problem.

If we were going to put a wood blind on these windows, they had to be attractive and functional. Our choice was the Norman Window Fashions Normandy 2″ Wood Blinds. Not only were they very attractive with a beautiful finish and an interesting grain in the wood, but most importantly on this job, they were significantly lighter than the blinds we were replacing. The weight of the blinds will make a difference in the long run. The lift cords will last longer and the tilt mechanisms will face less strain as they do their job.

Again, I don’t ever suggest that someone use horizontal blinds over doors, but I was happy with the solution for this client. As always, it is important to design each window to the specific needs of the homeowner. This one was very happy with the end result.

For a discussion on how to make the right decision, read this previous blog.

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