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Repair or Replace Blinds

We recently posted a blog about repairing blinds in Reno. In it, we highlighted how some repairs are easily done by the homeowner, others are repaired in the field by our experts and finally, that some are sent to the factory for the fix. This blog will discuss whether you should repair or replace your blinds.

We get calls from time to time asking for help with repairing blinds. Let me state this right off the bat. If you purchased your blinds, shades or shutters from Kempler Design, we are going to make sure that things are working for you. But, at times, we get calls saying that a cord on a blind or carriers on a vertical blind broke. We can repair these products, but you should be realistic about your needs.

Repair costs are dependent on a lot of factors, but as a rule, we charge a minimum of $125 per repair. Now, if your window covering needs to be fixed to fit in with other shades or blinds in the room, then it is important to get it fixed. But, typically, people tend to want to repair a blind or shade because they feel that it will be less expensive than getting it replaced. But, is that the truth? That depends on the type of window covering you have.

Many of the current products we provide for our clients are not inexpensive. They are designer type products with Motorization or custom made fabric based lines. It is not uncommon for one window to cost more than a couple thousand dollars. So, in this case, let’s get your products repaired. If you bought them from us, we will be there quickly to make sure that they are working properly.

But, if you purchased them from a box store or a major discounter online, then you will have to determine if it is worth it to take them down, ship them back and reinstall them when they come back. It is a matter of time and money. Naturally, the question is: repair or replace my blinds. If you want to keep the same type of product, think about replacing it. Here is a price list of some entry level vinyl blinds. Figure that you will get a discount of approximately 25-50% off of the price you see on the chart.

Cordless Vinyl Blind Price Chart










So, take a look at a realistic size of a window. How about 5’ x 5’, or 60” x 60”? If you look at the chart you will see that the retail price of the blind is $231. Ok, now figure a discount of around 25%. That means that the cost of that blind will be around $173. If the window was only 3 feet wide, the cost lowers to about $116.00.

Are There Other Factors to Repair or Replace Blinds?

So, if you are just looking for a replacement, think about this. If the blind or shade has broken once, the chances of it having an internal issue that caused it is higher. I’ve heard many clients talk about having cording fixed on a shade or blind in their home repeatedly. The same issue keeps coming up because most repairs don’t involve determining WHY the product broke in the first place. That is just leading to frustration and wasted dollars.

Please understand what I’m trying to say. There is definitely a time and place to repair a window covering. But it is worth determining a bit more information before throwing money at a repair that might not make sense fiscally. Sometimes it is the breakdown of a mechanism that facilitates new purchases. I like using analogies, so here is one. When you wear out the soles of running shoes, do you get them re-soled, or do you replace them? When an older car keeps breaking down, sending it to the mechanic regularly, do you keep fixing it, or get a newer vehicle?

Style is an issue too. Let’s say you have 1” metal mini blinds or 2” wood blinds or faux wood blinds. Is that a current style? Not really. But, if you are happy with that product, fix it, but if you are thinking of upgrading the look of your home, then don’t throw money at a dated look.

So, in this blog we have discussed the principles of making a choice as to replacing or buying new window coverings. Every scenario is a bit different, so it takes a little thought to figure out what is best for you. I hope this was helpful to you in figuring out your scenario.

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