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Bi-Fold 180 Is Great For Some Doors

Norman Window Fashions is one great choice for shutters. They offer one type of track style shutter that is unique to a lot of other companies. Like all track style shutters, you need to know how they behave before you select which one you want. This video and post will discuss some of the details of the Bi-Fold 180 shutter.

Before I go into how it behaves differently, let me establish all the different track style shutters that Norman Shutters or Norman Window Fashions offers. They offer:

  1. Bypass- Panels that Slide Past one another.

Bypass Shutter

2. BiFold Floating- Can be multiple panels, for example 4 per side.

BiFold Floating Shutters 90 degrees

3. BiFold 90 degree- 2 Panels only

Bi-Fold 90 Degree

4. BiFold 180 degree- The Shutters fold back to the wall.

BiFold 180 degree


So, those are the options for track style shutters. Which one is best for you? That is the fun part. If you work with us, we walk you through the entire process. Here’s a tip. Most people choose the Bypass style, because they want to slide them side to side instead of folding them. But there are factors that make some people select a different version.

Why You May Select the Bi-Fold 180 Shutters

I will fill you in as to why this client selected the Bi-Fold 180 shutter. They have a great view out that door and the bypass style shutter tends to block the view for a portion of the window at all times. I’m not going to go into all the micro details on this blog. I’m sticking to the basics. Then the next choice was the Bi-Fold style, which can either be in the 90 degree or the 180 degree fold. If you look above, you can clearly see the way that the various styles fold. Since this client had these shutters going in an area with limited space, the projection of the 90 degree panels would have caused difficulty in passing the table if the shutters were in the open position.

Side View

This client made it perfectly clear that their plan is to have the shutters folded off to the side almost all the time, since they want to see out over the meadow all the time. So, when we put those things in our minds, it made it kind of obvious as to which the right choice was them. Because of the style we selected, I pointed out to them that they needed to be aware of one minor point that could have a visual impact. That is that the typical frame choice for track style shutters does not work with the Bi-fold 180. The reason is because of the fact that the panels fold back to the wall, so the frames need to be of much less depth. So, take a look at the picture to see what the shutters look like from the side. It is not a positive or negative. It is only a fact that we like to share with our clients. We want you to know exactly what you are getting and why. That makes both of us very happy!

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