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Unboxing of Hunter Douglas  New Luminette Book

If you have any desire to see the new version of the new Luminette Shade Book, please watch the attached video of an unboxing. The video shows you the photos from the book inside it. We also run through all the fabric choices so that you can see which choice is best for you.

We are happy to show you the newest version of the Luminette. There are some other changes and here is a summary of them.

Luminette Changes To Be Aware Of

Screenshot of Hunter Douglas 2022 Catalog Luminette Details

First- There is a new Hardware system that replaces the old one. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but here is the main point. The new system doesn’t drag, it rolls. As a result you are going to use significantly less energy to move the shades. Another point that I find interesting and important is the change in the mounting hardware. Whereas the old version used to stick out over the top of the headrail, the new version is completely hidden. Nice change Hunter Douglas!!

Second, when it comes to motorization, the PowerView Gen 3 version will operate your shades via Bluetooth. This is a change from the old radio signal version. The new Luminette manual operations have been updated too. The operation wand has been made more ergonomic for easier operation. There are two types of manual operation. Wand Operation that has a cord attached at the non-moving side of the shade and a Wand without a cord that moves with the moving side of the shade. Be aware there are size limitations to both options.

Third is the adjustment that the Luminette team has made as far as coordinating their materials to other designer lines from Hunter Douglas. They have brought in 50% new fabrics and colors and they are able to coordinate 70% of the materials with the Silhouette and Pirouette Shade systems. So, if you are wanting  more coordination of all the products in your home for the stylish look you want, then Hunter Douglas has really made appropriate adjustments.

Will the New Luminette Be Right For You?

Above this is a video of the  2021 version. The overall operation is very similar, so I want you to get a good idea of what the product looks like and also how it works. This will help you decide if it is what you are looking for. Back to the discussion of the 2022 version.

Luminette has always been a fantastic product and the changes are probably making it even a better choice for you. The Luminette line has decided to make these major changes after being fairly consistent for about 25 years. Honestly, if you have the older version and wanted to place the 2022 version close by, you would have to look carefully to notice the differences, but the operation is going to be better, smoother and sleeker.

We will assist you in making the right choice of product. Luminette is going to be near the top of our list when it comes to choosing products for sliders and large windows where people want a hybrid shade that mimics sheer and privacy fabrics in one package. If you’d like our help in making your choices, please reach out to us. Thank you for reading our blog.

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