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Motorized Shutters

Motorized shutters are definitely one of the newest products that are picking up popularity in the Reno and Lake Tahoe markets. Because manufacturers have figured out how to use battery packs in their shutters, there is now more than one option for motorized shutters.

Two of the main providers of motorized shutters for Reno and Tahoe are Hunter Douglas and Norman Window Fashions, both available through Kempler Design. I will break down the differences in this blog post.

Hunter Douglas Motorized Shutters

Hunter Douglas is the newest addition to the motorized shutter market. They have introduced the PowerView motorized shutters to their Palm Beach Shutter line. This is the only Hunter Douglas shutter option as of September 2018 that has been offered. In time, I anticipate that they will offer their other shutter lines in the near future.

The battery pack is mounted inside of one of the rails. Like all of the PowerView products, you can choose to use a remote control to open and close the louvers or use the “Favorites” position to have the louvers open to a pre-set position. You can also use the Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub to offer automated controls. Micro adjustments and timing automation are highlights of this system.

Hunter Douglas is the only motorized shutters company that offers you the ability to use the remote control or to manually adjust your louvers. Manual or motorized shutters in the same product. Pretty cool if you have little hands trying to move your louvers.

The Hunter Douglas motorized shutters also give you the ability to have a traditional tilt bar on a motorized shutter. These differences can make or break a decision as to which company to use for your motorized shutters.

If you want to close your shutters by hand, they will pop open a little bit until you override the command with the motorized option. Watch the video of the motorized shutters to see this in action.

The Hunter Douglas motorized shutters offer the ability to couple two panels together. This can lower the costs of the motors by as much as one-half. The details make the difference. Consultation will help you see which version is best for you.

Norman Window Fashions Motorized Shutters

Norman Window Fashions, also known as Norman Shutters, is one of the first motorized shutters companies. Their motorized shutters are available on all of their product lines. This would include composite products as well as 100% wood products.

The Norman shutter product is only available with the InvisiTilt option. This means that the traditional tilt bar that sits on the center of each set of louvers has to be removed. Realistically, in the Reno and Lake Tahoe market, most of our clients choose the hidden tilt bar anyway.

The only way to operate the Norman Window Fashions motorized shutters is with the remote control. There is a little switch on the back of each set of louvers that allows you to operate the shutters manually or by remote control. If you forget to switch it and then operate the louvers manually, you run the risk of damaging the motorized shutters.

With Norman, you purchase each section of louvers with a separate motor. This means that you can have as many as 8 motors on a typical large window in Reno. I know this is a bit confusing. Call me for more details! We tend to be selective about how the shutters will be used when we do motorized shutters with Norman.

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Hunter Douglas Shutters

Summary of Motorized Shutters

Which is the best motorized shutter for you? We’d have to look at your circumstances to determine which is the best choice for your Reno or Lake Tahoe home. But it is good that there are more choices available. At this point, the most important step in choosing motorized, or manual shutters for your home is choosing the right window treatments expert to help you make your selections.

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