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Is there really a difference?

Is there really a difference?

What is more memorable, a nice, well presented dinner at a special occasion, or going to a fast-food drive through window? If your answer is neither, than the answer to the title is yes. When you are buying your makeup, does the quality of the ingredients matter to you? If your answer is no, then the answer to the title is yes.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing. The bottom line is this:
As with most products, there are a lot of things that go into the final price. With window coverings, it’s no different. Now, I’m not talking about specialty window coverings, like the Hunter Douglas Silhouette or Pirouette shades which are completely unique. I’m talking about some of the basic 2″ blinds, or vertical blinds or honeycomb shades that are available from big box stores, to online retailers, to the window covering specialists (like me) in Reno as well as other locations around the country.

So often, consumers are looking for price first, as they are not aware of all the differences in quality that the higher level products do have. That is why I used the examples of the food or the makeup. We realize the value that goes into those products, so we are sometimes willing to pay more for a better product or a better experience. Without knowing the facts about the specific things we are looking at, it would be hard to tell the difference just by looking.

One of the biggest differences is in the quality of materials used. Metal vs. Plastics; Wood vs. Vinyl; thick gauge vs. thin gauge. These are just a few of the differences. Let me mention something you’ll recognize quickly. Have you ever seen someone’s vertical blinds over a slider and some of the slats are missing? Did you know the thickness of the vinyl slats that are used have a big effect on the durability of that slat? So, how much would you pay to have a lower chance of having slats fall out of your headrail? Now, how many of you have seen the sagging slats of a vinyl 2″ blind that was purchased from a big box store? All of you? Good, then you can see why getting a better quality and more rigid slat makes more sense.

These are just a few of the huge differences that exist in the window coverings industry. There is a place for some of the low cost options, and sometimes I suggest them, for the right reasons. But, you should know all of your facts before making a decision on these important decisions.

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