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Hunter Douglas Rechargeable Battery For PowerView

As of July 2020 Hunter Douglas now offers rechargeable batteries. For years they have only offered various battery packs for their PowerView Automation products. (They offer hard wired and plug in systems too, but this is talking battery power.) Lithium Ion is the power technology that is offered. Now we can talk about how it works and what to expect. Please watch the video to get a good overview of the Hunter Douglas rechargeable battery system.

There is not much to learn as how these are different from the standard AA battery packs that have been part of the Hunter Douglas PowerView system for many years. The new Hunter Douglas rechargeable batteries for their automation systems are a “plug and play” option. This means that once you have them installed, you will not really see any difference in the workings of their blinds and shades.

Hunter Douglas PowerView with Rechargeable Battery Pack

What is the difference then? You will never change another battery pack out again! You will recharge it instead. Also, remember that these are new generation rechargeable batteries. Not like those old ones that would wear out quickly and you’d toss them. Each of these batteries will hold their charge for roughly a year. And they claim to be able to take 500 charges. So, doing a little math that means that they have a possible life of 500 years. Hmmm, is that long enough?

Things To Know About Rechargeable Batteries

The Hunter Douglas Li-Ion rechargeable batteries act like other rechargeable battery systems. They go at full power until they get too low to run. There is no warning, just a shut down. At that point, you will have three choices.

  1. Recharge the battery using the transformer recharger with the cord at the window or…
  2. Grab a pre-charged battery from the 2 Battery recharger and replace the discharged battery
  3. Take down the battery, put it in the charger, charge it, and then put it back in it’s holder when the charge is complete.

You can also use other standard power sources to operate your shades when the battery is charging in it’s charging station. For example, you can plug in a DC power supply or plug in a standard AA battery pack to operate the shade if it needs to function immediately.

Other Factors

There are too many variables to cover them all, but when you deal with us, we will cover every option to make sure you are happy with your Hunter Douglas rechargeable PowerView battery system.

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