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Last week’s blog dealt with a specific need for a home that we were doing in Hawaii. You can view the blog post and video here. In the end, we made a selection. As I thought it would be, we ended up choosing a Hunter Douglas Cellular Vertiglide product because of the very narrow stack, which would block the least view while being formatted in the correct direction. But, I’m hesitant to even write this down. Why? Well, we all go to the internet to make our search for the right product easier, but when I tell you what we chose, you might assume that it would be the right choice for you too. It very well might be, but, just as easily, it might not. Here is what I mean…

I do a two minute video highlighting the issues and the probable solution to those issues and then I come back and say that the solution was such and such and it sounds too easy. I mean that. What you don’t see, or can’t read here is that we spend three or four hours choosing the right product. There was a lot of consultation that made the selection perfect for that specific client. There are no panacea window coverings out there. Blinds aren’t always the perfect solution, draperies don’t always work. Window coverings come in many different sizes, shapes and colors and choosing the right one is not as easy as this blog makes it seem. Therefore, if you want to make the right choice, I suggest using a window fashions expert to help you through the process.

Here are two links to the actual window coverings, blinds or shades that we used on the project. If you would like our assistance, please contact us.

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