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I had a client ask me for vertical blinds the other day. “Hey Paul, 1995 called, they want their window fashions back.” After hiding a chuckle, I explained that I hadn’t done a vertical blind in years and that they might want to look at some options. This video shows one such option.

It is the Elance shade, put out by Horizon’s Window Fashions. You can get panel track systems, or gliding panel shades from many different suppliers. Hunter Douglas, Kathy Ireland and many of my suppliers have good options. They can be very different in function and in style choices, so you will have to go over the specifics before making you final choice. The shades in this video were fairly simple. The window was north facing with a giant overhang, so we needed something that would allow a lot of light, while providing complete privacy. Even though we show a baton draw, they can be functioned via cords or even by motor with certain companies. To conclude, if I felt like a vertical blind was the right solution for one of my clients, I’d help them to select the right one. It’s still all about the needs of my customers.Vertical Blind

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