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How can I get the best deal on blinds for my house in Reno? There are a few different ways, but it mainly depends on your shopping style.

You can buy blinds from a lot of different sources-

1. Online
2. Box Store
3. Interior Designer/Decorator
4. Window Coverings Specialist
5. Craigslist/Garage Sale/Thrift Store

Where do I get my best value in Blinds???

Where do I get my best value in Blinds???

All of these COULD work. For example, if price is your ONLY issue, then try to find them used. You can even call the window coverings specialist and find out if they have any window coverings that for some reason were never installed. They might make you a great deal to get them out of their storage. I know that last year I put in some shutters for a client below cost because the original customer that they were ordered for decided to go in a different direction. So, I had brand new shutters just sitting around.

If you are the type of buyer that does everything yourself, you can try the online or box store options. You won’t get much service, but if you want that sense of accomplishment from designing, measuring, and installing them yourself, this might be a good option. This may surprise some people, but as a window fashions expert, I don’t want some types of clients. If you truly are a DYI’er, you don’t want someone to come in and kind of take over. You take pride in your own accomplishments and you don’t want a “professional” to come in an rain on your parade. You are going to make it work, no matter what. I see some Do-It-Yourselfers make huge mistakes, but don’t try to tell them!!! But, I digress.

You can call an interior designer or decorator. Sometimes when it’s part of an overall package, they do the window coverings very inexpensively, but it’s part of their overall package, so you will be paying them for their time and all of the other things they do for you, so in the end, you will be paying. It’s really a matter of how they show you the cost of the blinds on their statement. It might look less expensive, but you need to be careful to see if they actually are low cost. It all depends on the designer. You need to use caution if you use this avenue because a lot of designers do so many things in your home that they specialize in only a few. If they aren’t truly a specialist in blinds, shutters or shades, or even draperies, you may end up with something that has a great color and texture, but doesn’t really solve your functional needs.

Lastly, you can use a window coverings specialist, like Kempler Design. What surprises most people is that we have prices that are sometimes below that of the online and box stores, plus you get the expertise and experience and professional installation that comes from a specialist. Obviously, I’m pitching to you that you call someone like us, but I really think it’s worth the effort. Don’t be fooled by the word “design” in the title. We feel like your best overall value is to deal with a specialist.

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