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Ultra Shutter Features

We chose the Ultra Shutter from Norman Window Fashions for this job for one important reason. The width of the panels is up to 48” wide. What I’m going to do in this blog is breakdown how we came to this choice.

We had decided to use the Norman Shutters for this job. They offer 3 different woods for their shutters. Brightwood, which is painted only, Normandy, which is available in stain and the Ultra Shutter which are the highest grade. They all look very similar on a painted surface, but when using a stain, the type of grain makes a difference. But there were other factors we needed to consider.

Shutter Panel Widths

2 Panels For 8 Foot Window

The Norman Shutter products have different widths of panels. The widest are the Ultra line. They can handle widths up to 48” per panel. The Normandy is only a little smaller at 42”, but if you have an 8 foot wide opening, like the one in the video, sometimes you want just 2 panels. Otherwise, you’d have to use 3 or 4 panels. So this is where this all came together.

Any of the shutter lines can be motorized with the G4 Motor system, but the costs can escalate on the motors because each motor is priced based on the individual panel it controls. So, do the math with me. 2 motors on 2 panels, or 4 motors on 4 panels. It starts to add up. So, the answer became kind of obvious when we balanced out the cost of adding 4 motors to the Normandy line. It was pretty close to the cost of the premium Ultra Shutters because we only needed 2 motors.

This blog is just explaining how we came to the decision we did. Every job has its own specific needs, and we help our clients to get the solutions that make them happy. Thanks for reading our blog.

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