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How to make the best choice for your new wood valances

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Wood Valances over blinds and draperies

When choosing valances for your blinds, you have many choices. Kempler Design owner, Paul Kempler helps his clients to choose the right valance for their window treatments. In the embedded video, you can see 6 different styles of wood valance choices. Which one is right for you? That is the million dollar question. It will depend on your style, the size of window, the detail you want and a few more things. The video only shows the choices that are available from Century Shade and Blind Company, but there are many others you can choose from.

Generally, people do not choose the valance first and then the window covering. Typically, people choose the blind, shade or drapery they want and then select the valance. So, if you are choosing a wood or faux wood blind, you typically get a standard valance with it. It usually costs a small upcharge fee to move into a larger or more ornate valance. One of the major differences in valances currently is the addition of returns. If you look at this older video of one of the 7″ valance, or cornices, you will notice that typically the valance is miter cut at the corners and the top treatment returns back to the wall for a finished look. This is the case, even with some of the lower cost vinyl blinds on the market.

Even though these valances are normally added to horizontal blinds, a lot of Kempler Design clients are adding them to other types of window coverings. I’ve done the large 7″ cornice over blinds, roller shades, draperies, panel track shades and natural folding shades. The only limits are the ones you set. I love creativity. I really enjoy working with clients that are willing to push their limits a little bit. If you have ideas for future blogs, please share your ideas. I’d love to hear them.

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