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Window Treatment Ideas & Tips: Kempler Design

How Can I Get Custom &Quot;Designer&Quot; Fabric Treatments Without Inflated Prices?

There is such a huge range in the costs for fabric on the market today that it can be very confusing to the general public.  It is important to understand how the textiles market works.  Fabrics are used for many different applications these days, even within the home-goods industry, such as upholstery, drapery, bedding, accessories […]

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&Quot;…It’S Just A ‘Small Job.’&Quot;

As designers, we hear that phrase a lot.  Usually it is a potential client telling us that we shouldn’t expect to make much money from their job.  Often, we need to educate our clients about what a designer is and is not.  What we should not be viewed as are sales people.  Instead, we act […]

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How Do I Get My Husband To Go Along With My Decorating Ideas?

One of the most common challenges that designers face is bringing differing opinions on design together in one space. A good designer will be able to take different opinions and make them come together so that both parties, or more, are satisfied with the solutions. Usually, but not always, couples will come to their positions […]

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I Review The Hunter Douglas Pirouette Shade

Along with the B&W Window Fashions Horizons panel track system I reviewed last week, I also installed the Hunter Douglas Pirouette shade in my client’s home and wanted to show you how this newer window covering works.

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I Review The B&Amp;W Window Fashions Horizons Panel Track System

I had the opportunity to install the B&W Window Fashions Horizons panel track system in a client’s home the other day and wanted to give everyone a brief review of it.

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Can I Just Get A Bid For Blinds In My House?

This particular question opens up a huge can of worms for professionals in the industry and their clients. What many salesman want to say is, “YES! How quickly would you like them installed and will you be paying with Cash or Credit Card?” But, in all honesty, rarely are people ever that upfront about how […]

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The Future Of Motorized Window Treatments In Home Automation

Home Automation has been around for centuries. Many years ago, the wealthy had house-servants that would light candles, open and close draperies, open windows to cool and light fires for heating. Today, as in all things modern, we are progressing into the world of the future. It is possible to turn on your lights, open […]

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Hunter Douglas 2009 Product News: Green Window Treatments

The last thing that I will address from the Hunter Douglas 2009 Premiers event is the “greening” of the window coverings industry. It seems as if everyone is trying to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon and Hunter Douglas is no exception. We all want to do our best to be environmentally friendly, but I believe […]

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More Hunter Douglas 2009 Product News: Motorized Window Treatments

Today we’re talking about another theme that emerged from the Hunter Douglas Spring 2009 Premiers release show: motorized window treatments and home automation: The next thing I noticed about the Premiers show was the prevalence of motorization products. Almost every product category now offers some sort of motorized option. This is a wise move on the […]

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Customer-Conscious Pricing For Hunter Douglas 2009 Products

I had the opportunity to attend the Hunter Douglas Spring 2009 Premiers release show earlier this week. Three themes emerged for me after spending a morning with Hunter Douglas professionals and I’ll detail those things over the next three days.  The first theme I observed was more consumer-friendly pricing: The most important thing I appreciate […]

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