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Window Treatment Ideas & Tips: Kempler Design

Yes, You Can Motorize That! (Part 2 Of 2)

Infrared This is the most common way to control your window coverings.  Just as you point your television remote control at the front of the television to change channels or adjust the volume, IR (Infrared) sends a line-of-sight signal to a receiver on the shade that performs the action you sent via remote control.  This […]

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Yes, You Can Motorize That! (Part 1 Of 2)

Are you thinking about getting new window treatments?  I’ll tell you that as long as you are doing it, you might as well do it right. If you’re the type that likes to research all the available options, and you decide what best suits your needs.  You are also a forward thinker, and “old-fashioned” doesn’t […]

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Happy Days Are Here Again!

Are you tired of bad news from the economic forecasters, the fed chairman, the talking heads in the media, and your neighbor down the street bemoaning his problems or any other naysayer?  Here is a current update from the real world as I’ve been seeing it lately. Yesterday, I was thinking about how busy I […]

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Hunter Douglas Announces Updates To Its Shutter Lines

On October 19th, 2009, Hunter Douglas will be offering a new line of vinyl shutters to the northern Nevada region, including Reno and Lake Tahoe.  Currently, Nevada leads all other states in the sale of wood, faux and vinyl shutters. Here is a quick background as to why this revamping was necessary.  Hunter Douglas used […]

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The Overall State Of Interior Design In America

I attended the World Market Center Furniture Mart and Design Show in Las Vegas recently, and wanted to share with you my observations about the status of the current interior design market. The interior design market is adjusting to the current economic environment and parallels the housing market.  For the last twenty years or so, […]

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Difficult Window Treatments: Transom Windows

Transom windows present a difficult design challenge. There are a variety of potential issues to consider including privacy, sun exposure, draperies and the overall feeling of the room you’re trying to achieve. In this video blog I demonstrate how we used specific treatments in this room to achieve the goal of a large, open and […]

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Should I Install My Own Blinds Or Window Treatments?

Every once in while, while writing up a client’s order for window coverings, they will ask me how much of a discount they can get if they install their new blinds themselves.  My company is a “full-service” company, which means that we consult, design, install and warrantee our product lines; my customers NEVER install their […]

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Should I Reupholster My Sofa?

The simple answer is that if you can’t live without that piece of furniture, then yes. But there is much more you should be thinking about when you answer that question. Let me explain further… The bottom line is that with the cost of completed, upholstered furniture at such reasonable pricing, there is usually no […]

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How Can I Get Custom &Quot;Designer&Quot; Fabric Treatments Without Inflated Prices?

There is such a huge range in the costs for fabric on the market today that it can be very confusing to the general public.  It is important to understand how the textiles market works.  Fabrics are used for many different applications these days, even within the home-goods industry, such as upholstery, drapery, bedding, accessories […]

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&Quot;…It’S Just A ‘Small Job.’&Quot;

As designers, we hear that phrase a lot.  Usually it is a potential client telling us that we shouldn’t expect to make much money from their job.  Often, we need to educate our clients about what a designer is and is not.  What we should not be viewed as are sales people.  Instead, we act […]

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